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the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

lots of thinking lately. about a lot of things.


the fray and backseat goodbye have been accompanying me. fuck i love chad sugg.


got my AP scores. one's not good enough for some of the colleges i'm looking at. i never do well enough.



my sister is in new jersey right now. i wish i was with her.



i preordered the new early november cd, hellogoodbye cd, and inkwell cd. and it makes me so happy. music expresses what words fall short of. i need it.


i had a dream two nights ago. and it continued last night. it was a different kind of dream than i've ever had before. but it also gave me the most hope for the future that i've ever had.


and now onto more reading and freezing to death in the central air.



[[begin to wonder.]]


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