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1) Black Mamba- The Academy Is...
2) So Contagious- Acceptance.
3) Move Along- The All American Rejects.
4) Always You- Amber Pacific.
5) The Feel Good Drag- Anberlin. (for ultimate sexy-voice ness.)
6) start the machine- angels & airwaves. (really any angels & airwaves would work.)
7)hotel roosevelt- augustana.
8) boys, girls, sing! - backseat goodbye. (this song is perfect. really.)
9) at the stars- better than ezra.
10) first day of my life- bright eyes.
11) friends for lovers- brighten.
12) long line of cars- cake. (any cake off comfort eagle)
13) burn this city- cartel. (basically most cartel works though)
14)coffee- copeland. [[summer nights.]]
15)tennis court soundtrack- daphne loves derby.
16) don't wait- dashboard confessional.
17) passenger seat- death cab for cutie. [[slow, cool, summer days.]]
18)sesame smeshame- the early november.
19)lost at sea- eisley.
20) "it's not a side effect of the cocaine, i'm thinking it must be love."- fall out boy. (only fall out boy from my heart is the worst kind of weapon or take this to your grave. not the new stuff.)
21) beward the jub jub bird and shun the frumious bandersnatch- forgive durden.
22)wait, wait, wait- the format.
23)all at once- the fray.
24) light up ahead- further seems forever.
25) speaker for the dead- gatsby's american dream.
26) drive away- gratitude.
27) careful- guster.
28) driving away- holiday parade. (perfect for summer.)
29) such great heights- iron & wine. (for moments that last forever.)
30)banana pancakes- jack johnson.
31) work- jimmy eat world.
32) steal me- jupiter sunrise. (laying in the sun.)
33) some sort of meaning- long since forgotten.
34) summertime- mae. (essential.)
35) bending light in new directions- mashlin. (they're on my favorite record company.)
36)tie off your veins- monty are i. (dancing music. with trombone.)
37)hold me down- motion city soundtrack. (any motion city is good.)
38)here we go again- paramore.
39)the distance i know- the pilot. (<333)
40) We've Been Searching The Sky For Answers- PlayRadioPlay! (good powerpop/electronica)
41)AKA M80 The Wolf- Portugal. The Man.
42)the district sleeps alone tonight- the postal service. (ben gibbard. love.)
43)planning a prison break- the receiving end of sirens.
44) around the clock- the rocket summer. (summer dance music.)
45)pop destroyed the scene- rookie of the year (also on my favorite record label)
46)this is not an exit- saves the day. (classic band.)
47)the town that you live in- sherwood. (great summer band.)
48) break a leg- the spill canvas. (favorite record company. one of absolute favorite bands)
49) up & go- the starting line. (perfect start of summer song)
50) melt the sugar- the summer obsession. (
51) company car- switchfoot. (for all seasons, but particularly summer.)
52) cute without the "e"- taking back sunday. (summer rock.)
53) luna- thin dark line. (fave record company. woah.)
54) long walk home- this day & age. (favorite record company. favorite band. essential for life, not just summer.)
55) wolf in sheeps clothing- this providence.
56) down at the harbor- transition. (they have summer band written all over them.)
57) away we go- valencia. (again, essential for life, not just summer. but good summer songs too.)

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