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one too many.

It's kind of nice knowing very few people actually read this journal anymore. It gives me peace to speak freely, or in this case, share my latest writing.

One too many love songs
lost in static
on the radio.
One too many evenings spent
hearing your voice
above the echo.
It makes these moments so hard to let go.

One too many conversations
that steal my attention.
One too many sleepless nights
spent pondering your intention.
It makes these thoughts so hard to let go.

One too many suns
have set without witness.
One too many snowfalls
have come days after Christmas.
One too many mistakes.
One too many heartaches.
It makes this so hard to let go.

One too many racecars
go back and forth in my mind.
One too many setbacks
and I'm running out of time.
One too many faces
cast up to the moon.
One too many times
to feel like this so soon.
But you're so hard to let go.

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