February 23rd, 2006

this day and age

make my world complete.

seeing .the.starting.line. .copeland. .cartel. && .gatsbys.american.dream in two days.

will be spending all day sunday having an amazing time, waking up next to your best friend and being with someone you miss spending time with all day.

new music from your favorite bands.

having no tests tomorrow, and having homework completed.

finally having a meeting with the principal to discuss some things.

the concept that the faculty talent show can work.

realizing your mom is amazing.

having time to listen to music for once.


getting encouraging emails from great bands.

seeing .anberlin.emery.june.bleed.the.dream.hawthorne. in a week and a day.

being in love.

having hope in the face of disaster.

watching a breathtaking sunset.

making love to a memory. ♥

Knowing that a few people recognize the above reason for happiness and can therefore identify the song i'm currently listening to.

great local bands that make you go crazy.

having done a lot today and feeling proud of myself.

wanting a mannequin that can dance. can you feel me?

chasing shadows.

guitar solos.

boys named andrew.

cold hands && dim light.

la da la da da.

--->The above make me happy.
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    Goody, Like Two Shoes- Matchbook Romance