April 27th, 2006

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Ergh. Do you ever have a mood where you're just angry... but you're not sure at what? Where everyone seems to be annoyed at you, or you're annoyed at everyone and everything.

It sounded like I was pissing him off so much on the phone for less than 2 minutes. I hope tomorrow's still okay. Now I know how it feels, because I was really rude to him once. But it's weird... I really can't remember another time I was rude. I'm a bad friend for him.

I am so worried about AP's it's not even funny. Everyone tells me not to worry, because it doesn't count for that much. But it really does. With some of the schools I'm looking at, if I don't get a 5 then the credit won't transfer. That's a shitload of pressure, because I could save my parents a lot of money and also be recognized for working myself sooo hard this year. Ugh.

I wish I had some kind of refuge that I could run to. And what's worse is the image that comes into my mind when I think of that.

Yeah. I make no sense.
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