June 1st, 2006

this day and age

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nine lasts.

cigarette: never.
beverage: water.
kiss: long time ago.
hug: today.
movie seen: the da vinci code.
cd played: the goodnight moon- rookie of the year.
song listened to: this so called life- the pilot.
bubble bath: too long ago to remember.
time you cried: yesterday when i SMASHED my head. holy shit that hurt. i can't even remember the last time i cried because of physical pain...that's how bad this was.

eight have you evers.

dated one of your best friends: yes.
skinny dipped: nope.
kissed somebody and regretted it: no...i don't think so.
fallen in love: yes.
lost someone you loved: yes.
been depressed: maybe.
been drunk and threw up: nope.
ran away: nope.

7 people you would do anything for right now:
1. meags
2. sarah
3. kayle
4. matt
5. alicia
6. shivon
7. sean

six things you've done today.
1. taken a test.
2. played the viola.
3. been confused.
4. laughed.
5. listened to acoustic rock nonstop.
6. walked up and down stairs several times because my memory is horrible.

five favorite things.
1. music.
2. friends.
3. family.
4. love.
5. peace.

four people you last talked to.
1. kayle
2. alicia
3. shivon
4. marielle

three wishes.
1. my friends will find clarity, contentment, and love.
2. my family will sort itself out without much pain.
3. sarah gets to meet tom delonge.

two things you want to be when you grow up.
1. content.
2. myself.

one thing you regret.
1. not acting on my feelings.
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