June 14th, 2006

this day and age

first loves with real ends.

I've never seemed to get it right.
And I'm left standing alone.
I've never seemed to make it real.
And it chills me to the bone.
I've never seemed to find you
at the time of your convenience.
I've never seemed to fit your mold.
I'm forever without expedience.

oh, waves of clarity. wash over me.
take me away with the tide to the sea.
loosen the tightened knots holding me down.
oh, take me away and get me out of this town.

I'm tired of being the one you leave
without saying "good night."
I'm sick of chasing after you
like a child after a kite.
I'm done waiting for you to come
and make my soul take flight.
I'm through with foolish games of love
so let the flames inside ignite.

oh, waves of release. wash through me.
teach me to flow and live and be free.
steal away the darkness and give me the light.
oh, waves of love. wash over me tonight.
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    my favorite color- backseat goodbye